Prayer Prompts  Week 26- June 24-29,  2024

Monday, June 24; 2 Corinthians 1

WOW You call us to partake in your blessings.  You are the Father of all mercies, God of all comfort and who raises the dead and is my deliverer. 

Sorry for my lack of trust and my short-sightedness.  I easily fall back into self-sufficiency and away from reliance on you. (v9)  

Help me to care about the Body of Christ as Paul gives us example.  May I encourage others in our church, other churches, followers I randomly meet.   Help me to help others to live with godly sincerely, not by my own flesh.  Amen. 

Thank You Our prayers for others will lead to another group of 'others' giving thanks for blessings granted by our prayers.  Thank you that all your promises are 'yes' in the Son, and that you have anointed us, put your seal on us and given us your spirit in our hearts as a guarantee. 

Chris Tomlin - Yes And Amen (Lyric Video)

Tuesday, June 25; 2 Corinthians 2

WOW We are the fragrance of the knowledge of him EVERYWHERE; the aroma of Christ TO GOD; the fragrance of death and the fragrance to life.

Sorry Grumbling, criticism have taken root in me. I have not addressed this design of Satan with your truth, but chosen self-righteousness as a companion.

Help us not ignore that Satan is set on outwitting us;  to confront each other but not allow self-righteousness to become greater than the need to forgive.  Please lead us to have so much love for our brothers and sisters in Christ that we feel affliction, anguish of heart and have tears by their experienced pain from sin within the church.

Thank You Thank you that you give us each other for joy.   Thank you that we have all we need to not be ignorant of Satan's designs against us.  Thank you that forgiveness (given/received) overcomes sorrow.

Here Be Lions & Darlene Zschech - I Speak Jesus (lyrics)

Wednesday, June 26, 2 Corinthians 3

WOW You make us ministers of the new covenant written by the Spirit on our hearts giving us life and freedom.  This ministry of righteousness is far more glorious than any preceding it.  With an unveiled face, You have made us to behold your glory!  We are being transformed.  WOW! (v6, 17, 9, 18)

Sorry that I focus on my own abilities and disabilities when I forget that I have your Spirit living in me. (v4-6)

Help I need your help to not be Spirit-selfish.   Help me in this physical world to live by your Spirit and to live in the truth that I am your  letter of recommendation that is to be known and read by all. (v2) 

Thank You for removing the veil over our hearts when we turned to you; for your life giving Spirit and for allowing us to behold your glory. (v16, 6, 18)

Third Day - Show Me Your Glory (With Lyrics)

Thursday, June 27; 2 Corinthians 4

WOW You shine your light in my heart, so your light can shine through me.  You use me, a broken vessel, to show that all power belongs to you, not to me! 

Sorry I am so sorry that my focus often looks at my insufficiencies rather than on your surpassing power. (v7)

Help me to remember I am a vessel of your light.  Help me to not lose heart (v1,16) by the affects on me of those in darkness.   

Thank You that you know I am a jar of clay.   Thank you for redeeming my weaknesses to be used for your glory.

Trading My Sorrows | Maranatha! Music (Lyric Video)

Friday, June 28; 2 Corinthians 5

WOW To reconcile the world to yourself, you made him to be sin who knew no sin so that in him we might become Christ's righteousness.  It is by this that you have reconciled us and have given us the ministry of reconciliation!   

Sorry Too many times I have engaged my earthly eyes and human mind which resulted in me not following your prompting.   By responding this way to your leading, courage was choked and the example to "walk by faith not by sight" was diminished.  (v 7)

Help Help me to walk by faith (trust), not by sight.  Help me to not put others before you, to not be afraid by what my eyes see or by my negative thoughts.  I want you, your ways, to be my aim so that my desire is to please you. (v9)

Thank You Thank you for giving us the Spirit as a guarantee to our heavenly dwelling/clothing. (v1-5)  Thank you that what we are is known to you. (v11)

The Corner Room - "2 Corinthians 5:17" (Lyric Video)

Saturday, (no assigned reading) 

Pray for  - REVIVAL in our church and in our land!

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