Our style  [An open letter from pastor steve]

Dear Friend, 

Everybody has a certain style, a way of expressing their own tastes and values. Someone's style makes them unique and distinct. Your style makes you a one-of-a-kind person. This shows the world what makes you tick, and what your inner personality is like.

In the same way, every church has its own style. Some churches are loud; others are quiet. Some churches are formal, others casual. A church emphasizes some things and de-emphasizes others. Some are primarily classroom churches; some are primarily life-application churches. Some churches focus on getting a spiritual "high". Others focus on social action. Every church has its own style.

This "style" represents the church's philosophy of ministry. The philosopy of ministry is simply the church's way of doing things. It makes this church different from other churches. This is different from our doctrine. The doctrine of our church flows from the Bible. In our view, everybody should believe the same primary, fundamental doctrines (you can read about them here). But not all churches should have the same style, the same philosophy of ministry. Just as there is variety in the body, so the world needs all different styles of churches. No one style will reach everybody with the gospel of Jesus. As you read the Bible you'll see that while God does tell a church what to believe and think, he never tells the church exactly how to operate. The church is free to creatively operate within biblical teachings and principles. 

This Philosophy of Ministry states as clearly as possible our style. It is designed to help you understand our church better. It is also intended as an aide in planning various ministries within our church. We're not claiming that this is doctrine for everybody to agree on. Rather, this is style for everyone to accept. This is what makes us what we are.

As you read, I hope you see that our goal is reaching the lost world with the Good News of God's grace. Like Paul the Apostle, at Windy City we are willing to become all things to all people that by all means we might save some (1 Cor. 9:22).

In Christ's Grace,

Steve Story

Senior Pastor