OnE Student ministries

Sunday nights : 6-8 pm

ONE Student ministries is dedicated to reaching each student, we come into contact with and to help them realize that they are not just a face in the crowd, 

but that each student is ONE of ONE:

ONE special individual whom God

loves specifically and radically.

ONE gifted person whom God has a plan

for and wants to grow closer with.

ONE individual that is part of

ONE community church that loves them,

that is part of ONE Kingdom, 

the Kingdom of Christ, 

And God wants to use that ONE individual, 

in that ONE church community

to help grow that ONE kingdom

Each gathering is designed to give students an





environment where they can grow in

relationship with God and with each other.

ONE provides a unique environment for each age group: 

preschool-kindergarten/elementary/jr. high/high school,

Each age group led by a dedicated staff of leaders so that each student can receive one-on-one mentoring in their walk with Christ.

Feel free to stop by any Sunday night to see for yourself what the program is all about. If you have any questions, contact our director Eileen at


                                              Our elementary groups          Our Junior High and High School groups

                         are coming back from the holidays          are coming back from the holidays

                                 with the series "FAITHCRAFT"           with the series "BLUEPRINT" 

                                           where they will learn to            where they will explore the difference

                                                     follow God's plan!            between God's design and the world's.