We're doing what no church has EVER done before!!! (we think) 

Forget the NCAA March Madness Basketball tournament! Who needs that when you have your very own Bible Bracket Madness? 

WHAT IS IT? This new sermon series is based on the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament that you've likely seen coworkers and friends work themselves into a frenzy over; filling out brackets and guessing which teams will win each game. Windy City's version includes different people from the Bible that will "compete" against each other to win their match-up to move to the next round. Winners will be determined by who had the biggest impact, who is the more important to know to understand the Bible, who taught a critical lesson, and finally (as a wildcard element), who Pastor Steve just likes the most!  Each Sunday's sermon will introduce us to new match-ups. Fill out your own bracket and see how you fare. (Eligibility for prizes is only for those who turned in completed brackets by March 3rd, but the sermon series is still fun each week for those of us who missed the deadline). See you at 10am each Sunday!

>> CLICK ON IMAGE BELOW to view full bracket and to download full bracket. How to fill it out? See directions below.

View the WINNERS that have been revealed so far. (Click here to view; This will be updated each week)

HOW TO....

  • What is a bracket? What is a seed number?

    We are basing our "Bible Bracket Madness" series on the NCAA Basketball Tournament "March Madness." In the basketball version, there are 68 teams that are included on the bracket, with a single loss eliminating them from the tournament. The brackets include "seed" numbers of each team from the number 1 to number 16. Teams with the lower seed number are expected to win that round. (Lowest number is 1, which makes sense because that team is expected to come in 1st place).

    For the Bible Bracket version, people from the Bible are set up to compete against others and they also have a seed number. 

    Where to get a Bible bracket? 

    Pick one up at church  or view and download full bracket here.

    NOTE: Brackets can be filled out at any time as you follow along with the sermon series, however the deadline for the competition is March 3rd.


    We suggest you start from the top left corner. Look at the first two people who are set to compete against each other. In this case, it's Seed #1 Abraham vs. Seed #16 Hannah. Only one of them can win so pick who you think will win and write the winner's name on the line next to the game (on the line of the bracket that continues to the right). Then do the same for the second match-up, which is Seed #8 Isaac vs. Seed #9 Deborah. Pick who you think will win for all match-ups all the way down the left hand side of the page. Then go through the same process for the names on the right hand side of the page.

    Once you have both far side brackets completed, you will see that you now have a whole new set of hand-written brackets. For example, if you chose Abraham to beat Hannah and Deborah to beat Isaac, then now the bracket to the right of them will now have Abraham vs. Deborah. Which do you think will win this match-up? Write that name on the line to the right of the backet. Do the same thing all the way down the left side, and then all the way down the right side.

    Now you will have another new set of match-ups that are hand-written in the third column in. Do the same for all of these match-ups and so on, until you end up with the final two people. Who will win it all? Write their name in the box in the middle.

    To be eligible for the prize: Write YOUR name on your bracket and turn in by Sunday, March 3rd at 10:00am when the sermon begins to be eligible for the prize!

    What do the colors on the bracket names mean?

    On the bracket we've include people from across the entire Old Testament (OT) and New Testament (NT), so you might not be familiar with all of the people. To help out we've color-coded them and made a few notes (OT/NT) to help you know what Bible era they were from. The colors and notes are especially helpful when you are not sure which, for example, Joseph is being referenced (OT dreamcoat Joseph, or Jesus' dad in NT).

    See the bracket color legend for full details.

    More questions? Email