Let us treat you like family.

We couldn't be more excited to welcome and serve you! 

We're real people with a come-as-you-are attitude, so please: come as you are.

We love God and believe that through Him all things are possible. 

And not just for ourselves, but for you as well. 

*You are welcome to come with whatever you are carrying: your disappointments, baggage, doubts, fears, wounds, needs, or your boulder-sized questions and we will welcome you with open arms. 

Got questions? See our FAQ's below or feel free to reach out any time with questions.


You've got questions, so we've got answers! If these don't quite get to the answer you were looking for, reach out to us at contact@windycitycommunitychurch.org.


    We are joined together by the belief that there is a God bigger than us that loves us more than we could ever imagine or understand. Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection back to life are the key to our faith. We all have questions and things that trip us up, but together we strive to learn and grow and love and hope. (For a more in-depth answer read Our Beliefs.)


    All ages are welcome! Windy City is a “come as you are” church where we like to have fun and don’t take ourselves too seriously. The crowd is all ages: children through the elderly! We’re living proof that the generations can not only get along but cause quite a ruckus together. 

  • how can i meet people?

    We are a pretty friendly bunch, so hopefully you’ll make some friends during your first visit. Deeper friendships come when you can share stories and experiences. Consider joining one of our Life Groups or Bible studies that meet on a regular basis during the week. If you have other ideas reach out, because we’d love to help you get connected. Email Adaline with questions or for more details.

  • Will my kids have fun?

    That is our goal!  Infants through Preschool age will be given care and attention in our Infants & Preschool Room. Drop them off in the lower level any time after 9:45am. All other kids can join you for the start of the service. After the live music time, kids are dismissed to Sunday school together. Kindergarten through 5th grade joins together for larger group Sunday school lessons, games and activities. Junior high has their own room for large group discussion, fun and Bible study. High School students join the main Sunday service. (We also offer additional programs during the week during the school year August - May.)

    Click here for more details.

  • What should i expect when i visit?

    Expect to be greeted at the door & invited in! We'll offer you some free coffee in our cafe. Infants and toddlers can be dropped off with our Infants & Preschool Room Team downstairs. Children and kids can join you for the first part of the service until the announcement to join their teachers downstairs. 

    FRONT DOOR: At the triangle intersection of Newark and Navarre avenues. (The picture shown here is what the front door looks like. No surprises when you arrive!)

    FREE PARKING:  Street parking: on Newark Ave., Nevarre Ave. or Northwest Highway.  Or Lot parking: Use the Dr. Kusz Dental Center parking lot on Newark Ave., or use the Roden Branch Public Library lot on Newark Ave.  See more travel and parking details by clicking here.

    SERVICE: Head upstairs from the main door to our church service. Cushy seats and friendly faces abound. We sit in a half-circle so everyone has a good view. Screens show key points and music lyrics to easily follow along. No experience necessary! Come as you are!


    YES, 110%! No matter where you’ve been, what you’ve done or how big your doubts are about God. Please join us!

  • who can i ask my big questions to?

    If you still have big questions about God and life, we’re here for you. Contact us anytime if you’d like to meet up for coffee to talk, vent, share or ask.